Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to get prospective customers, or other businesses interested in your product or service.

With the right, relevant content and a strong distribution strategy, your content can lead your inbound marketing and connect you to the people most interested in your brand.

We are dedicated and passionate about providing the right content related to your industry. We create well researched blog posts, thought leadership content, infographics and video collateral that speaks to your target audience at different stages of their customer journey.

A strong content marketing strategy isn’t built overnight. After all, neither was Rome. That’s why, in the early stages of your content marketing engagement, we spend time understanding who your target market is, what their biggest pain points are and how we can deliver content to address them.

From extensive keyword research to competitor analysis, we ensure that your content is relevant, relatable and above all else, a resource that can drive leads.


Our Process

1. Identify

Touchcore will help you identify and map out your target audience in all stages of their customer journey

2. Analyze

Based on your business objectives, we’ll analyze the best keywords for your on-site SEO, content and SERP visibility.

3. Content Development

With keyword findings and an understanding of your customer's pain points, we work with subject matter experts to develop relevant, SEO-driven content.

4. Distribute

What good is your content if no one sees it? From CMS management to distribution on social media and relevant platform, we make your content easy to find.

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